Convos & Creativity: Studio Talk 2023 Recap.

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The first ever studio talk, in February 2023 was more of an after work hang. If we had some drinks and muchomo well, it’d turn into a small kafunda party (extreme lol)

Looking back…

We discussed branding as a creative, it was only Agandy team members present at the time and it was the beginning of a beautiful thing! As of December this year, the attendance has grown. It’s so exciting to see new faces every month of creatives from various fields.

The different discussions had

We had a session on copyright laws for creatives, that was an outstanding one. It was a very eye-opening talk where many of us realized that we need to factor in the law in our day to day creative work. Savings and investments for Gig creatives was another top of the list this year because let’s face it, we all need to know how to manage our finances. From talking about topics like branding, dealing with being misunderstood, finding your purpose and managing burnout, studio talk was an amazing experience this year each time we sat down to share ideas.

In our last session of 2023, the theme discussion was “AI, friend or foe? Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on creative fields” We quickly talked about the elephant in the room which was “will it turn against us one day?” (bombastic side eye). Then the various pros and cons of using different AI media. Check out the full talk below

Growth & Impact

A growth in numbers which signifies interest was our biggest win. We’ve come from having a few Agandy team members attending to having a room full of creatives specializing in different fields attending. On many a studio talk night, a writer/poet sits next to an artist, a photographer next to a 3D animator…and so on.

We also received sponsorship from Goethe Zentrum Uganda this year which has given this initiative more reach to creatives out there. In the same way, they’ve enabled us invite great experts, mentors who have passed on valuable career guidance, tips and information to us. The networking we feel, is the best of it all as creatives have met and gone ahead to collaborate on projects together, made new friends, had interesting conversations.

Final word

It’s been a 2023  of beautiful creative comradeship & conversation! We really look forward to meeting again next year. Follow our IG account and check out our Studio Talk webpage for more details where we share our upcoming topic themes. Subscribe to our youtube channel to watch previous talks.

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