What is a pre-wedding shoot and should you have one?

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It’s a photo session with your photographer a month or a few weeks before your wedding. Also called an engagement shoot, something that’s short and sweet like the Sauti Sol mandems sang to us. Wedding photography has changed over the past years, with having this kind of shoot as one of the many changes.

So should you have one? Yes. We believe you should and this is why.

1. The photos can be used on invitations and for display purposes at the wedding

When it’s time to design the invitation cards, you need a some good photos for those cards, whether they’re digital or printed. Those photos are also important for the memory lane that displays on screens at the event, which will keep your guests entertained and locked into the day. As a creative studio that has a couple of design gurus, we show up with specially crafted cards when you have a pre-wedding shoot with us.

2. Gives you a chance to get to know your photographer

Not everyone is a model and always ready to pose. This shoot gives you a chance to rehearse and become comfortable in front of the camera in a low-pressure situation, unlike the wedding or introduction day where the chairman is always saying, “we have only 10 minutes left!” It also gives us, the photographers, a chance to get to know you, the couple, better. We can know what you are more comfortable with or what style you would want to have. Would you prefer to happily kiss or prefer just a cuddle in all your photos?

3. You can do all things that you can’t on your wedding

The world is your playground with an engagement shoot! You, as a couple, get to choose a preferred location to have it. This can even be an opportunity for a small getaway. You can get to be playful with your partner, be intimate, and have an all-around good time! Because wedding days can be filled with so much to do, sometimes we, as your photographers, don’t get enough time to get all the photos we require to do our jobs effectively. This shoot enables us to give you, the couple, even more photos from this time of your life.


The pre-wedding shoot is a chance to relax and spend time with each other as well as being great preparation for the big day. Check out our wedding packages that include a pre-wedding shoot in the buffet of services we give at budget friendly prices. Contact us directly for more inquires. Follow us @agandyweddings to see our extended portfolio.

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