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You might be thinking, capturing photos is hard and those machines they use look so complicated or you might be on the opposite end of the spectrum saying taking photos is easy you just stand there and click a button. Well, there’s more to this world than what it looks like on the surface. One of our goals at Agandy studios is to create a network in Africa where creatives learn from each other. Here’s how we achieved that in our last training and what you can expect in the upcoming one.

 In February 2022 we held our first ever photography training at our studios in Naalya. It was an amazing experience if we do say so ourselves. We learnt the basic concepts of camera settings, ISO, shutter speed, image composition and types of cameras to mention but a few. We also executed these new lessons that day as the attendees also interacted and shared ideas with each other. The senseis of the day were Ninno Jack Jr, Jonathan Jab and a guest appearance by William Kane. In the end, a prize was won for the best composition challenge by one of our students that day.

Kemi Fiona – ©Agandy Studios

In our second edition happening this month we hope to all learn something from each other and achieve more. This opportunity is for those that are just starting out or who want to transition to using professional cameras. We shall discuss tips on how to get better as a beginner photographer, types of photography, composition yet again to mention but a few. This will also be an opportunity for us to network and share ideas. That’s not all though! There’ll be guest trainer appearances and we are excited about that!

Are you interested in participating and attending? 

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Written by Julian Niyonshuti

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