6 simple ways to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

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An occasion could be around the corner that warrants a beautiful photograph like a birthday, family portrait or you might need a professional headshot for your career. Not all of us are models and it’s not easy being naturally you when there’s a camera like you would in real life.  Here are 6 simple things you can do to get confident and comfortable for your next photo.

1. Look good

Maggie Nyafwono – ©Agandy Studios

When you look your best, you naturally start feeling happy and confident with yourself, this will radiate in your pictures. They say men are simple creatures so a nice haircut, trimmed beard plus some jewellery hey! For the ladies, we don’t have to say much because we already know you run this game. To add an extra touch, get a professional to do a simple face beat and hair styling. All these simple tweaks can go a long way to elevate your persona.

2. Wear comfortable clothes

As you might already tell the direction were going to, getting comfortable in front of a camera starts with you and within you. Put on that ‘power suit’ wear the style of clothes you like, with good fabric that feels good on your skin not forgetting your favourite color. A good photo is something you can have forever so enjoy the process and make the results memorable.

3. Communicate clearly

Ninnojackjr & Pearl Rwego during a shoot – ©Agandy Studios

Get to know the person{s} going to take your photos or in urban lingo ‘try to feel their vibe’ have a face to face interaction if possible before the day of the shoot or call them and have a dialogue. Share your ideas, tell them exactly what you like and don’t like. When clients book a shoot with us at Agandy Studios we always endeavour to have a chat with them days before the shoot so that they can give us details of how they want their session to go and what results they expect from us.

4. Bring a friend

Zahara Abdul with her friend, Angela – ©Agandy Studios

For an added mood or confidence boost, bring a good friend that will help you while on your shoot. We all need some affirmation and encouragement in life now and then well, ask someone you trust to tag along with you.

5. What to do with your hands

Manuela Mulondo – ©Agandy Studios

Whether you have realized it yet or not, that awkward feeling when you are taking photos starts when you don’t know where to put or what to do with your hands. The answer is simple, keep them occupied. We recommend putting them in your trouser pockets or adjusting your cufflinks for the gents. For the ladies, placing them on your hips, touching your hair slightly or holding that stunning YSL/ Dior handbag will definitely do.

6. Choose a nice environment

If you would like an outdoor shoot, choose a place that you actually like or will feel relaxed in. Carry items that will lift your spirits like a portable speaker to play your favourite music and a refreshing drink to stay hydrated. Likewise with an indoor shoot in a studio, our Agandy studios space gives you a unique ambiance for your session plus we ask the clients to connect their music to the studio speaker and they take it away being the their own DJ! With an outstanding team unlike any other in Kampala, you are bound to feel at home and have an amazing experience. Check out our studio tour here.

We hope these tips help you. Browse through our price packages and book the perfect photo studio for your shoot! Contact us to book a session.

Written by Julian Niyonshuti

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